Hjørring Grafisk Værksted was founded in 1970 when I. Chr. Sørensen's lithographic workshop moved from Copenhagen to Hjørring - a small town in the northern Jutland. The workshop has over time trained significant graphic printmakers who have established workshops in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Paris. These include Carl Urwald (UM Grafik), Niels Borch Jensen, Peter Brahmsen (Editions Atelier Clot), Peter Johansen (Hostrup-Pedersen and Johansen) and Jan Anderson (Steinprent).

Since 1985 an artist-run association has been managing the workshops to give the opportunity for artists to experiment with the graphic techniques and expressions. Our goal is to continue to actualize the craft of printmaking in a contemporary art context, as one of the few professional lithographic workshops still remaining in Denmark.


Hjørring Grafisk Værksted is an association of Danish artists. The association is run by a board of three artists and three business people, all elected every 2 years at the annual general meeting. Artists admitted to the association are selected by the three artist members and are eligible to vote at the general meeting.

Jens Beermann (Chairman)
James Kong
Christina Skovgaard
Lars Sarto Hempler
Peter Max-Jakobsen
Pia Skogberg