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Workshop rental

In addition to the lithographic workshop, Hjørring Grafisk Værksted has a gallery and frame workshop, The graphics workshop, a 70 sqm workshop where it is possible to work with high pressure (wood and linoleum cuts), monotype, and gravure printing (etching). 
The graphic workshop and the associated artist's home can be rented for projects. 

It is expected that you have a basic knowledge of the printing techniques used, but it is possible to get help with the printing of our printers if necessary.

If you do not have experience with printing graphics yourself, you must attend a workshop in the workshop for the printing method you would like to use. You can contact the workshop for information about upcoming workshops you can attend.

Graphics workshop facilities:

  • Workshop with artist housing.
  • Large electric Peter Van Ginkel gravure press measuring 120x240 cm.
  • Smaller Tofko gravure printing press of 60x80 cm.
  • Etching serum for copper plate etching with iron chloride, plate size up to 50x60 cm.

Possibility of guidance on framing and custom manufacture of frames. 


Rental of the Graphic Workshop for members: 

Graphic workshop: DKK 400 / day *
Artist housing: DKK 200 / day * 

Rental of the Graphic Workshop for non-members: 

Graphic workshop: DKK 800 / day *
Artist housing: DKK 400 / day *
Printer assistant: NOK 400 / hour *

Graphic workshop rent for groups: 1200 DKK / day*
* all prices are excl. VAT